Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Visit With Susan From The Natural Path Herbal Apothecary & Wellness Center

Branwen's ShopI was so excited to get to meet up with Susan and see her lovely shop!!!

Located in beautiful Townsend MA, and surrounded by trees is a very lovely building just off the road. Susan's shop is bright and nicely stocked with everything from books to herbs to herbal products that every witch and woman needs.

Susan also has wonderful classes and seminars with great authors like The Grimassi's and Chris Penzak! It's worth a ride to enjoy a great learning experience.

I also got to meet her boy, Cernan, who is an absolute doll and all boy...and God! Here's a pic of him:

Susan and I chatted about etsy (of course) and other venues. I was able to give her some of the great etsy swag too!!

Here is a link to Susan's shop Facebook page:

I highly recommend her products. I've tried a few and feel that they are excellent quality! I especially like her Cold Sore Relief, it's a great product and healed my lip in about 3 days!

Branwen's Botanicals

Friday, 5 April 2013


Hi all!!!

I am finally home and wanted to share a few pictures of my journey.

I only got to meet with some members this time around but hopefully next time, more people will be available...

First was Donna from Dawn's beaded Jewels. We had coffee and chatted about all things etsy.
Dawns Beaded Jewels

After meeting Donna I drove on to meet Brittany at Azteca, a really lovely Mexican restaurant on the border between Mass and NH.

Here I met Brittany.  A member of the NECTAR team.  Brittany runs the Purple Hedgehog:
The Purple Hedgehog

We also talked about all things etsy. We discussed the new changes coming forth and also talked about sewing and how I can't, no matter how hard I try.

And I met Jill from

We had a great lunch together and talked about all sorts of stuff instead of etsy. LOL. But I've known Jill for over a year now so we can do that...

We did talk about our etsy shops, alittle

I totally forgot to take a picture of us so here is a house from Salem instead:

I will write about meeting Branwen too on a separate blog.

It was great fun to be out and about meeting people. I wish more people had time to meet up with me!!

But I hope to get out again soon and meet up with teammies in VT....

I wandered around Salem and was happy to see that they honored my fave fictional witch, Samantha. I watched bewitched since I was a little kid.

I noticed that TV land paid for it, they put in a plaque. Or so I'm guessing.

I'd also recommend Rockerfella's for lunch. Their food rocks! Especially the short ribs. I ate there with Jill, who ordered a shrimp salad with no shrimp. They didn't have a good vegetarian salad on the menu, so that worked.

We then went to Witch City thrift and that was fun! I found a few things I had to buy.

Hopefully next trip, more people will take some time to meet up with me. I had the best time just the same. Went thrift shopping and antiquing, managing to find goodies for my etsy shop! There is a really neat antiques mall in NH...I dropped alot of mula there. It was worth every penny.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Esty SWAG for The Teammies I'm meeting!

Hi everyone! Etsy was awesome to send me some fun goodies to share with the teammies I met on my trip form Derby VT to Salem MA! I wanted to share some pics! LOL, I am totally branded! We have t shirts, fake tattoos, tag pads, banners...and some other things!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Birth of The Soap Witch Bath Co.

Hello everyone! I thought I'd share my new Artfire shop and endeavor. The Soap Witch Bath Co.

Moonspell Crafts will always be on Etsy but I wanted to also do an Artfire Shop with a new name and direction.

The Soap Witch Bath Co was inspired by Salem MA, a place I love to visit. And besides that, I am a soap smith, I love making soap.

The soap made for The Soap Witch Bath Company is a rustic soap made in a goats milk base. I do not add any food coloring or chemical coloring to the soaps. This allows them to remain very natural looking.

I include wonderful organic herbs bought from local farmers and I wild craft when I can. I love pure essential oils and organic goats milk from local farms as well!

But I will have more than just soap! I will also offer bath salts, body scrubs, lotions, body wash and bath bombs. Please stop by for a spell!!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wow, I am having an antique SALE!!!! 80% off all antiques till Saturday! Antiques are great gifts! They are unique unto themselves. I don't know a single person who doesn't love antiques!

While you're grabbing that special gift take a peek at my holiday cards!!

Thank you for stopping in!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Goings On

I haven't written in a long time! So much has been going on. We have finally moved to Vermont and have an amazing place here. Once we are all sorted out I'll be posting pictures! This summer has been alittle slow on etsy and ebay. It's always like that every summer. With the approaching holidays, that will change! Halloween being the first coming...I must say that I am excited as usual! Everyone on the Halloween24/7 team is ramping up and it's looking great! We'll have a 24 hour bnr starting Friday at 10, and sweet Kelly is opening for us!!! I myself has a great deal of new items and new antique items to share! This little book seems so steampunk and is full of weird medical advice. And a lovely set of Bronte Sisters books in Victorian Binding: And of course some new Halloween fun stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone Friday! I am also now on ARTFIRE with my new shop: Vampire Couture!! Please try to stop in. I am also now a wholesaler for Scrapbooking supplies for SEVERAL hot companies including Carta Bella! Watch my etsy shop for supplies!! Love you guys!