Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wow, I am having an antique SALE!!!! 80% off all antiques till Saturday! Antiques are great gifts! They are unique unto themselves. I don't know a single person who doesn't love antiques!

While you're grabbing that special gift take a peek at my holiday cards!!

Thank you for stopping in!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Goings On

I haven't written in a long time! So much has been going on. We have finally moved to Vermont and have an amazing place here. Once we are all sorted out I'll be posting pictures! This summer has been alittle slow on etsy and ebay. It's always like that every summer. With the approaching holidays, that will change! Halloween being the first coming...I must say that I am excited as usual! Everyone on the Halloween24/7 team is ramping up and it's looking great! We'll have a 24 hour bnr starting Friday at 10, and sweet Kelly is opening for us!!! I myself has a great deal of new items and new antique items to share! This little book seems so steampunk and is full of weird medical advice. And a lovely set of Bronte Sisters books in Victorian Binding: And of course some new Halloween fun stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone Friday! I am also now on ARTFIRE with my new shop: Vampire Couture!! Please try to stop in. I am also now a wholesaler for Scrapbooking supplies for SEVERAL hot companies including Carta Bella! Watch my etsy shop for supplies!! Love you guys!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Goings On!!!!

With all my teams, there is so much going on!

Time Travelers is nearing 1000 members!!!!  I'm so excited and proud of the team.  Everyone is dynamic and just amazing!
Not to mention my newest team, The Witches Cottage.  Already over 100 members and all so crafty!  I'm loving seeing new faces too!
The Home for Displaced Victorians is also growing well.  It's more quiet but no less cool!  I love being captain to all!
My team mates are all amazing artisans from the world over!  I can't begin to explain how I admire everyone's amazing work.  I'm surrounded with many people with amazing goods and talents!
Anyhow here are some new items in my shop!

Tags, my #1 seller